Ten Great Reasons to Donate to Minds Matter

1.  Minds Matter.  We believe genius knows no zip code.  However, youth from low income backgrounds are significantly less likely to pursue a college degree or finish one once there than their higher income peers.
2.  Thousands of Lives Changed.  Minds Matter is changing the lives of thousands of youth across the country, positively influencing our students’ families, their communities and their schools.
3.  Our Program Works. 100 percent of the students who complete our rigorous academic program receive admission to a 4 year college.  We also work with students to ensure they maximize scholarships and grants to attend those colleges.  Finally, over 90% of our alumni complete college within four years.
4.  Two Mentors Per Student.  Our students have access to two mentors – typically young professionals whom are recent college graduates themselves – who guide them through a three-year journey to college.
5.  We Meet Weekly with Students.  At Minds Matter, we believe the goal of college and life success starts in high school.  We believe our program helps appropriately prepare students for college rigor and life’s obstacles.
6.  We Send Our Students to TWO summer academic programs at colleges and universities across the country.   Our students continue to prepare for college rigor at two summer college programs at no costs to their families.
7.  A College Graduate Makes on average $1 million more over their lifetimes than someone with just a high school diploma alone.
8.  Minds Matter is Cost-Effective.  Minds Matter is powered by over 2,200 volunteers across the country that cost-effectively help administer our effective program to over 800 talented youth each year across the country.
9.  17-to-1 Positive Return on Your Investment.  Our work was studied by Columbia University who found Minds Matter creates a 17-to-1 positive social impact, measured by such items as higher taxes paid, lower health care costs and lower government assistance in the long run.
10. We Need You!  Be a Minds Matter Hero for just $50/month, and you can help support getting our students to and through college.